Lauranne Paulissen grew up in Heers, a tiny village in the east of Belgium and studied Greek and Latin in high school. From a young age, Lauranne was passionate about acting. From the age of 13, she followed acting classes at the local academy.


Upon turning 18, she went on an international exchange with AFS intercultural organizations. For one year, Lauranne lived, studied and enjoyed life in Piñas, Ecuador. During this year, she attended the local high school where she studied math, physics and chemistry. Thanks to the host family she lived with, Lauranne got the chance to experience another culture, and learn how to speak Spanish.


When she got back, Lauranne continued to chase her passion and started a bachelor of drama at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, where she specialized in acting. After successfully obtaining her bachelor degree, she landed an internship as an actress at Toneelgroep Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Finally, with a performance in her final school project, the play ‘De kale zangeres’ directed by Dimitri Leue, together with her classmates, she concluded her masters at the Royal Conservatoire.

After graduating, Lauranne lived and worked in Antwerp. She felt however that something was missing, and that she could learn more about acting. In 2015, she participated in an Erasmus program at the Royal Conservatoire to study abroad. To learn even more about performing, Lauranne decided that a teacher training in drama would be the right option for her.  

Lauranne Paulissen

However, no one from the Royal Conservatoire had ever done an exchange on this subject before. So Lauranne herself contacted hundreds of schools abroad, in the UK and Germany, to find a suitable contender for her Erasmus program. In the end she opted for the theatre pedagogy course of the University of the Arts in Berlin. So working in Antwerp made place for studying theatre in Berlin.


Lauranne Paulissen

Her biggest obstacle for the exchange? Not speaking any German before she left. Since all the classes were in German, Lauranne had to study twice as hard to keep up with her class in her theatre courses and learn German at the same time. When she left Berlin, she had a B2 level in German.


Once she returned to Belgium, Lauranne felt Antwerp was not the place for her anymore. So she moved to Brussels, which in her opinion is the Belgian city that resembles Berlin the most. She missed Berlin, and if she hadn’t gotten a job opportunity in theatre in Belgium, maybe she wouldn’t have returned right away. So she performed in a play from Piet Arfeuille, and toured throughout Belgium. Afterwards she started working on a new theatre project together with de Warme Winkel.


She is now still living in Brussels. At the end of 2019 she founded her own theatre group together with Katarina Antunovic and Anke Jochems, called: P.S. Peggy.


Apart from acting Lauranne has a passion for drawing, writing, baking and sports, especially running.


However, in the end, being on stage or on a set, is what she loves most.